Seller Scripts, as approved by Ron.

On this page, you’ll find a few of the scripts that Ron uses for dealing with SELLERS.

These are taken straight from his courses, and you’ll be able to find most (if not all) of these on the Gold Club.
I’m including them here for your convenience.

Scripts are an absolutely fantastic tool for dealing with people in a sales situation.
And yes, NEWS FLASH: Dealing with people in the real estate business IS a SALES situation.
Therefore, you’ll need to acquire and finely hone certain skills.
These skills include acting, presentation, psychology, and the proper use of vocal tonality.
You’ve got to have the right energy & enthusiasm when you speak to people.
Without the proper acquisition & use of these skills, you’re done before you’ve begun.
But when you use them properly, you’ll be as effective as a Jedi Ninja.

So, without any further delay, here you are!
Just click on the title to open up the script as a pdf. Right-click to download:

  1. Script to Capture Mortgage Info on Property Info Sheet
    This is a brief script to overcome the objection when a seller won’t give you the loan info.
  2. Objection Outline
    This is a list of typical objections & how to overcome them.
  3. Prescreen Free & Clear Sellers
    Seller Financing to Refinance to Lease Option to Option
  4. Prescreen Houses With Some Equity and Debt
    Sandwich Lease Candidates
  5. Quick Qualifier When the Seller Won’t Lease Option, Sell with Owner Fi, or Subject-to
    This gets to the heart of the matter, quickly. Very effective words to prescreen.
  6. Getting Free Payments
    Great script to get the seller to make the next few payments. This puts $$ in your pocket!
  7. Appointment Script
    This is one of the most important ones here. This makes sure you’re not wasting your time!


More NOTES: Although these are effective, I strongly feel that I should provide some personal insights here.

There’s a very fine line between going too hard or too soft. You’ve got to adjust yourself a bit according to your own personal style as well as the personality of the prospect with whom you’re dealing.

Ron’s style works very, very well for him. But maybe you’re not quite ready to be as blunt and bold as he is yet. However, one of the main benefits of using these scripts is that they will be very effective PRESCREENERS for you.

It’s vitally important to understand that you DO NOT want to waste your time dealing with SUSPECTS – people who have NO flexibility or motivation with how they sell their house. You’re looking to sift and sort these people out so that you only spend your time dealing with real possibilities.

I’ve seen way too many people try to create a deal with someone who has NO motivation or flexibility.
The reality here is you can NOT do business with someone who wants full price, all cash, and they won’t even consider anything creative. If we can’t buy someone’s house by taking over debt, creating financing or terms together, structuring a lease purchase, get an option for a discount, or buying for all cash for less than the MAO formula, we’re done!

When I make my closing calls, I basically incorporate several scripts into the conversation and use the right one for the right situation. I’m up front with the prospects, because I tell them what my goals are right away. I ask if they would be ok if I ask them a few questions to see if this would be a good fit for us both, and tell them that it’s ok if we can’t do business today – we’ll still be friends. But let’s be honest with each other & not say we “need to think about things” or any of the things most people say to one another because they’re afraid of ‘offending’ someone.

When you’re open and honest like that, you’ll be amazed at how well things can go after that.
Set the agenda & goals for the call, then get on with it.

Oh yeah, here’s a BIG goal for you: Do your best to determine if this person is a SUSPECT or a PROSPECT within 3 minutes of answering the phone. Get yourself a cheap 3-minute egg timer off of Amazon and flip that sucker over when the word “Hello?” is used. You may not always accomplish your goal, but you’ll definitely have the right idea here.

Good luck & HAVE FUN with your calls! Remember – YOU create your own reality.
It’s up to YOU to make doing this business FUN and exciting.
I give you permission to make people laugh.  😉

I hope this helps. I’m rooting for YOU, because YOU deserve success and the BEST life has to offer.