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If you’re reading this page, I’ll assume that you’ve already completed everything on the ‘Start Here‘ page.
If not, go back & make sure everything is done before you continue below.

On this page, you’ll find the next steps you’ll need to continue your Mentoring Program.
This includes: How to submit your leads; how to get access to the essential contracts and paperwork you’ll need to use with sellers and buyers; and where to find some very helpful Tools I’ve created to help you find, engage, and track your leads properly.

Sound good? Let’s continue…

Section 2: Submitting Leads & Writing Contracts

I just shot this video to make understanding the whole process a lot easier for you…

This video explains how to find and submit leads (Anatomy of a Deal)


Killer BONUS Video!: What to Say & How to Follow Up With Sellers Who Aren’t Ready Yet:

Revealed!: Incredible Secret Seller Script on What to Say to Sellers Who Aren’t Ready Yet

Everything below is to be used when you’ve got leads.
You can check the rest of this stuff out later, and that’s exactly what I suggest you do – ESPECIALLY if you’re just starting out!
If that’s the case, just bookmark this page for now, ok?
But if you’re a little more advanced, or if you have leads already, go ahead & keep reading…


How to Submit Your Leads:

As part of your mentor program, you’ll be able to submit the seller leads that you and/or your VA gather.
This is a crucial benefit, because it helps us to understand if there is a lead there or not, how to construct & present an offer to the seller, and what to do next.
REMEMBER, a LEAD is defined as a completed Property Information Sheet…whether it’s filled out by YOU or your VA.
The OLD way of submitting these leads was to print out the PI (Property Information) Sheet, write on it, then scan/email/fax it to me.  What a pain. You can do that if you want, but…
Want a BETTER, FASTER, and EASIER way to submit your leads to me? Done!
For your convenience, I’ve created an online FORM for you to fill out & send to me. No one else has this.

This form is SWEET, because it can also be used as a basic SCRIPT to gather the required info from the seller, which is great if you don’t have a VA yet (or just want to do it yourself).
But don’t just my word for it…

Click HERE to See How to Submit Your Leads
You’ll Get Instant Access to the Online Lead Submission Form

I even made a quick video to show you exactly how to use this form.

Contracts & Paperwork (Can do this later)
Ahhh yes… These are the essential Tools of the Trade that you’ll need to be successful.
I’ve created a handy page on this site for you to have access to pretty much all the contracts you’ll need – for both Sellers and Buyers.

If you’re registered & logged in, you can click on this link:

Click HERE for Access to the Real Estate Contracts

Again: You’ll need to be registered & logged in to this site to get access.

TOOLS Page (Can do this later)
icon-wrench I just stepped back & looked at this page. There’s a LOT of stuff here, and I understand that you could easily get overwhelmed.
It’s NOT my intention to overwhelm you. After you’ve gotten started, you can either come back to this page OR go to another page on this site that has all the advanced tools I’ve created for you.

Click HERE to Get Access to the TOOLS Page (Need to be Logged in)



NOTES: You have TWO Options to get access to these documents…

1. Download the Docs & use software to edit them (Not recommended)
For this option, you’ll need either Microsoft Word installed on your computer or Open Office in order to use the .doc or .docx files.

If you have Word, great! You’ll be fine.
If you don’t have Word, don’t worry! I have you covered. 

-You can download & install Open Office onto your PC (or Mac).
This is a free, open source program that will let you create, edit, or print any Word file like you had the program already.
Download that here if you need it: http://www.openoffice.org/download

2. You can simply use Google Drive/Google Docs (Free). (Recommended!)
I actually recommend THIS option because it’s easier & faster, AND you’ll be able to share & collaborate on your contracts with me!
All you’ll need is a Gmail (Google) account. (Get a Gmail account FREE here if you don’t have one already)

Once logged in to your Google account, just go to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByLFfvQmV8jUV3duVWhoS0F1R2M?usp=sharing


Anytime you’re logged into your Google account, you can always go to this link to find your online Google Drive to get access to all your documents:

IMPORTANT: Once you’re in that folder, simply double-click on the file titled “**1. INSTRUCTIONS – READ THIS FIRST!!!” to read the instructions.


Hope that helps and Welcome Aboard! 🙂

–Tony Pearl