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“The Three Steps to Success”
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    You’re special. If you’re seeing this page, it’s because I’ve invited you to do so.

    As much as I’d like to share this “Magic Technique” with everyone, I just can’t.

    Here’s Why I Can’t Share This With Everybody Yet….

  1. These Scripts & Techniques fall outside of the “norm” of this mentor program.
  2. These techniques are my techniques and as such, have not been “approved” by the powers that be.
  3. Not everyone can handle this stuff yet. 
  4. This is just too effective, will save you tons of time, and reduce the need for extra assistance. (Read between the lines there if you want)

    Having said all that, I can tell you that these techniques are absolute GOLDEN MAGIC (sprinkled with fairy dust, of course)!
    I feel very confident that you’ll feel the same once you hear it all.
    I KNOW you’ll feel even more confident when you try this out for yourself and see the results you get from using this!

    Enough talk. Let’s get to work…

The Three Steps to Success
(In sales: On the phone; In person; Anywhere and everywhere)

1. Introduction & Agenda: Introduce yourself & state your agenda
2. Qualification: Find out what their needs and greeds are to determine if/how we can work together
3. Propose and Close: Based on what they tell you, propose a solution that fits for them and close on the next step

    After that, you simply set up whatever needs to come next, and follow up. 

    There’s NO rejection, no animosity, and you don’t even have to think too hard!

    Armed with these 3 steps, things should be made a LOT simpler for you.
    Practice these 3 steps, and you’ll have TONS more confidence, stay in control of more situations, and be able to do more deals – easier, faster, and more profitably.

    As nice as it is to read about all this, wouldn’t it be nicer to be able to HEAR this stuff for yourself?

    Great! I’ve got you covered! I recently went into the recording studio & cut a few audios for you (below).

    Study these audios. Take notes as you listen. Come back to them often. And most importantly, PRACTICE this stuff…Every. Single. Day.

    Before you know it, you won’t even recognize yourself anymore, because you’ll be so wickedly effective.

    I’m sharing this with you now for a couple main reasons:
a. Because I like you & think you’re ready to learn this;
b. Because I’m seriously thinking about taking this information & creating a full-blown course to teach these secrets to more people who need this.
c. As a BONUS for the super smart people who invested in the Fast Offer Generator. This WILL make your job easier, you’ll see.

    And if you’d like to share some good news with me, I’ll always welcome some feedback or your Testimonial! (click that link) 🙂


Ready To Begin? Ok, Let’s Go…

Here is Your Special Audio Training

Part One… Introduction and Agenda:


Part Two… Qualification:


Part Three… Propose and Close


Part Four… Wrapping Up The Call:


    I hope you enjoyed that. Please don’t share this with anyone.
Practice this often & put it to good use.

If you do all that, I predict massive success and confidence for you!


Tony Pearl