Resources For Your Success

On this page, you’ll find several resources that I’ve found that I’m recommending for your success in this business. These resources are provided to help you do all kinds of beneficial things, from making money, saving money, saving time, teaching you things, and generally just making your life easier.

    Are you ready for these resources? Ok! Let’s go…

Live Answering Service
(WAY Cheaper Than PatLive!):

How it works: This is true Pay-As-You-Go pricing. Start off with $30 in your account. If you don’t get any calls, you’re not charged more than the cost of one call per month ($1.20), which will be deducted from your account.
By contrast, PatLive charges you $200/mo., whether you get 0 calls or 50+ calls.
By the way, you don’t even need a live answering service UNTIL you have some form of marketing in place that will make the phone ring.

RESULT: This SAVES you money for a service you’ll eventually need.

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Click/Tap Here for Phone SCRIPT” no=”1/1″] SCRIPT: Have the service just answer the phone like this: “Hello?” (Let the caller talk)
Then have the agent ask the following questions: “Do you have a house for sale?” “What’s your name?” “What’s the best number to reach you in case we get disconnected?” “What’s the address of the house you’d like to sell?” and “What’s the best time to call you back?”
Have the phone agent tell the caller, “Ok, I’ll pass your information along, and my boss/someone will get back to you as soon as possible!”
TIPS: Do NOT have the agent give out any info. Don’t have them gather any more info than these questions. Keep it simple. Do NOT have them give out your name or company info! The AGENT will be the one asking the questions.
They will then enter the caller’s info into their database & you’ll either get a text or email (or both) within minutes. Your job will be to contact that caller back as fast as humanly possible. The longer it takes, the colder the lead gets. I recommend you call them within 5 minutes.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

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Real Estate Websites
(An alternative to DREAMS, etc.): Real Estate Websites (Click that)

How it works: This is one of the best, most affordable, and powerful real estate investor website systems available.
You really can’t go wrong with this. The only people who shouldn’t consider using this resource are people who:
-Have NO tech skills; Are married to the DREAMS system; Don’t want to save money; Don’t have any time to learn/use a valuable website resource that will bring in the leads.
If any of those describe you, then stay away. Otherwise, Click Here to learn more.
RESULT: This also SAVES you money and brings in business.

Cheap, Consistent Source of Seller Leads.
Seller Leads
(click that)

This works much like the Gold Club, except you’ll probably get more leads consistently. Plus, you’ll get access to a back office, where you can download up to 3 months of FSBO seller leads in the area(s) you have in your plan.

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to that page, click ‘Free Trial,’ choose your area, choose your plan, then enter the word “investor” where it says “Affiliate Code” to get a nice discount! Then enter your info and continue. You’ll get a FREE 14 day trial to test it out. If it sucks, cancel. If it’s good, keep it.
RESULT: This SAVES AND MAKES you money, AND saves you time!

Skip Tracing

Here’s a couple great resources for you to use when you need to find the owner of a property (once you know who it is).

The first is Need To Skip

The next is Batch Skip Tracing

And the last (for now) is Clear Skip

All of those are great. I’ll leave it to you to choose which one you want to use, but they all pretty much work the same way. And they’re super cheap! You should have seen the prices & pain of what we had to do to skip trace owners back when I first got started…Yikes! But thanks to technology, you guys are able to use these fast services for ridiculous prices. Enjoy!

Phone Headset

Here is my current favorite phone headset that I’ve been using. It features great sound & phenomenal battery life. It’s quite comfortable & very reliable.

This works great for making those Seller Phone Calls so that you can have your hands free to type/takes notes/scratch yourself…whatever! 🙂            Click THIS LINK

Powerful AUDIO: How Money Works

This is one of the most powerful & enlightening audios you’ll ever hear. If you’ve already heard it, I recommend you listen to it again. It’s called, “The Creature From Jekyll Island. A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Banking System”
I actually met the author/speaker, G. Edward Griffin, at an event in Las Vegas in 2002. We sat together & had an amazing conversation. He’s the real deal.

Check it out here:


– More Resources Coming Soon, so check back on this page often! –