Networking: You Asked For It, You Got It!

I recently conducted a phenomenal Group Coaching Call, and the interaction was fantastic!
Why? Because I have some amazing students that I’m honored to work with.
Some of these students expressed a desire to network together, so I’m happy to help facilitate this request.

    On this page, you’ll have access to a list of people who have given their permission to share their information with each other.

Please respect the rules for this list. If anyone violates these rules, I’ll have to take this page down. And shame you.

The Rules:

  • Do NOT do anything stupid with this sensitive information.
  • Treat everyone with respect, and you’ll be treated with respect.
  • No whining or complaining.
  • If you contact someone on this list, don’t waste their time.
  • Make friends.
  • Look to give, not just take.
  • Use common sense.

Ok with all that? Great! Here’s the list:

Name: Location: Phone: Email:
Bruce Harlan Kansas City, MO area (913) 206-4060
Steven Hinton Raytown, MO (816) 830-4468
Amanuel Negassi Ann Arbor MI (734) 846-6989
Kitty Kosmos Lawtey, FL (386) 623-3093
Freda Gaines Silver Spring, MD (202) 262-0081
Daniel Acevedo Nashville, TN (615) 481-3476
Lara Dantata-Foster Alabama (205) 533-1575
Maurice Remillard Edgewater FL (386) 795-5158
Eric Woodall Richmond, VA (804) 263-0500
Brian Lucy Colorado Springs, CO (719) 201-5889
Karson Edgar
Riga, Michigan (517) 937-4688
Dwight & Dwayne Alcorn New Orleans, LA (504) 494-8939,

Jose Fernandez Orlando, FL (407) 489-0341
Wyeth Fetterman
Colorado Springs, CO (646) 388-1737
Eric Thompson Beasley, TX (281) 650-6569
Vesco Hristov Chicago, IL (312) 593-7227
Tim McAlevy
Tyson’s Corner, VA (703) 380-9672
Hernan Espiritu
Hickory, NC (828) 201-2081
Sidney Hoyle  New York City, NY (718) 908-7774
Myron LeAnna Jewett City, CT (860) 857-3255
Keith Barrand (Deal Funding) Ringwood, NJ (201) 378-3082

Did I miss you? Would YOU like to be added to this list?

Great! Just CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to a special link I’ve created.

If that doesn’t work, then click here.
And if that still doesn’t work, then compose a new email to:
Make the Subject line: “Student Networking”
In the body, please include your Name, Location, Phone number, and best Email address.

OR just leave your info in the comment section below. 🙂

How to Contact Someone On This List:
If you’re shy/not sure what to say when you contact someone on this list, here’s a quick script you can use when calling:
“Hi (THEIR NAME), my name is (YOUR NAME), and I’m also student of Tony Pearl in the Ron LeGrand mentoring program! I saw your name on the networking page of his awesome website, and thought I’d reach out to you to see if we can work together! Got a minute?”

That ought to break the ice quite nicely. 🙂

Have fun, be productive, and make new friends!


Tony Pearl



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