Thank you! Your lead has been successfully submitted.

What’s next? It depends… READ THIS NOW!!!

What kind of lead did you submit? Was it a hot one or a dud?
Was the seller motivated? Flexible?  Did you think it was a FSBO, only to find out that it was listed with an agent? (hate it when that happens)

We all know that sometimes bad leads get submitted with the good. 
For that reason, here’s what I need YOU to do in order for me to help you:

If The Lead You Just Submitted Needs IMMEDIATE Attention: 

Send me an email (at the usual address), and tell me that you just sent me a lead & what you need help with specifically.

I’ll take a look and reply as fast as I possibly can.

If you need help with an emergency call or need me to be available for the Emergency LifeLine, just scroll to the bottom of this page to book an appointment with me. (Remember all times on the calendar are EASTERN Time, so adjust if you need to).

If you don’t need immediate help, we’ll just discuss the lead during our next mentor call.

Fair enough?


I created this process of submitting leads for many reasons:

  1. Convenience. It’s much easier to submit a lead like this than it is to write on paper, scan/fax/take a picture & email it to me so that I may help evaluate your leads properly.
  2. Speed. I’m sure you’ll agree that this method is a LOT faster than doing all that other crap.
  3. Simplicity. You also get that nice conversational script built in to make it simple to use.
  4. Ease of use. Obvious reasons here.

Oh, and if you need to submit another lead, do NOT click the ‘Back’ button.
Just go HERE to use the SCRIPT FORM to submit your next lead.

OR Go HERE to use the NEW QUICK LEAD FORM to submit your next lead.


Congratulations on getting a lead.
The next step (when appropriate) is to analyze it, then construct & present an offer.
Don’t worry. I’ll help you do that.