In this brief post, you’re going to learn how to start getting seller leads to come in to you automatically, every day, in your target market.

One of the first things you need to do when you get started in this business is to set up your automatic daily leads to come in for FREE from the Gold Club!

What’s that? You don’t yet have your Gold Club membership set up?

Well, let’s fix that! Sign up HERE and get a GREAT Wholesaling Course for only $1!
NOTE: This may or may not be available at this time. They always change it.

After that, it’s only $59/month. There are a ton of benefits & value you’ll receive by signing up.

Once that’s done (or if you already have it), your NEXT step is to LOGIN to the Gold Club.


Then you’ll want to click on the link shown in this picture…




When you get on that page, you’ll just watch the video tutorial there (taught by Ron himself), and take the simple actions needed to get this going. This should only take about 5 minutes total.

Here’s the Video for your reference:

Congratulations! You should now start to receive leads in your target markets (you can choose 2) every morning!

If you have a VA, you’ll simply go through the leads you get and send them to your VA to contact. Your VA will call them and get the PI sheet filled out, then send those leads back to you.

If you DON’T have a VA, you’ll need to go through those leads to see the ones you want, then contact them yourself to get the PI sheet filled out, while you’re probing for flexibility. Be sure you track those leads. Use the Lead Tracking sheet in this site.

For the Yes leads, you’ll want to get them processed to have a Closing Call, where you’ll negotiate the Price, down payment, monthly payment, and maybe even the term.

Ok? Got that? Great! So go get busy and get started. Get your leads coming in every day.

Once this is done, keep it going by moving on to the NEXT STEP.


See you in a moment,

Tony Pearl






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