Scripts for Real Estate Investing Success

Emergency Lifeline SCRIPT (Mentor):

Only Use This Script if You’ve Set Up An Appointment With Me AND the Seller!

Goals: To solidify relationship; To Close Deal with the Seller (one way or the other)

All Right! Let’s REVIEW what has happened up to this point:

  1. You got the lead sheet back from your VA.
  2. You followed up by calling the seller back & scheduling an appointment…
  3. You’ve done the best you can on a Closing Call with the seller…
  4. But you got STUCK and don’t know what to do now, even though you truly feel like there’s possibly a deal that can be done here.
  5. So you’ve Set An Emergency Lifeline Appointment with ME and the SELLER so that I can help you close the deal.

If you’ve come this far, Good job! you’ve gone a lot further than most people do, and I’m proud of you!

Now… take a deep breath and relax. I’m here to help, and that’s why you have a mentor. 🙂

Here’s what happens now: Right before the time of our appointment, you’ll call in to my Conference Call line. You’d probably be doing that anyway, because most of the time, we’re going to call the seller during our mentor call time…UNLESS: It’s an emergency or if you have a smokin’ hot lead & don’t think you can wait.

Now read the INSTRUCTIONS Below…

GOAL: To SET ME (Your Mentor) Up to Talk to The Seller FOR YOU, to help TRAIN YOU on how to handle these situations.During the call, I’ll: Confirm VA’s info; Get Other Info; Prescreen/Probe For Flexibility/Deal Possibility; Arouse Curiosity; Negotiate Terms if I can, and Set Next Steps.

Remember: Use The Script Provided Below When: You’ve set up the seller with Script 1, and it’s time for the appointment.

INSTRUCTIONS:1. Call my Conference line.2. We talk for a few minutes to prepare.3. You call seller & conference them in.4. You’ll read the script below to introduce me.

DO NOT give the seller my Conference call number!

Emergency Lifeline SCRIPT:

Call & ask to talk to the seller by name.“Hello…May I speak with NAME, please?”

When they confirm that’s them, say (with enthusiasm):“Hi SELLER’S NAME, this is YOUR NAME. We spoke the other day about your house  at ADDRESS and set up an appointment to talk now. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

When they say they’re ok to talk, reply with, “Ok, great! Well, as I said the other day, we’re really interested in buying a house like yours in that area! I actually have my associate/partner/mentor on the phone with us now. He has a TON of experience. Would you mind talking with him for a few minutes?” (Yes) “Great! Tony, are you there…?” (I’ll take it from here)


-When you turn it over to me, pay close attention & take notes!-Due to our advanced training & role play tactics, you should only ideally need me to help you with this once or twice before you ‘get it.’