On This Page, you’ll find several important Checklists to be used when doing your deals.

These checklists on this page are labeled according to the deal type, so you’ll know exactly which one to use, based on what kind of deal you’re doing. They will help guide you through your deals so that you don’t miss anything.

After that, you’ll find the main CYA (Cover Your ASSets) Disclosure Forms needed for properties that have existing mortgages for which you’ll be taking over the debt. One for when the properties are current, and one for when they’re behind.

I thought these items would be particularly handy for your reference. Put them to good use!

To Download, simply click on the links below or right-click and ‘Save link as…’
They are all in .PDF format, so you should easily be able to read them.


Subject-To Checklist

Owner-Financing Checklist

CASH Checklist

ACTS Checklist


CYA Disclosure Forms/Letters:


CYA Letter-House in Arrears


These Forms will help you out a lot.
Download them now and see for yourself!


To Your Success,

Tony Pearl