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    Not long agoI realized something important…

    A lot of my students have asked some great questions.  I always try to answer those questions as quickly & thoroughly as I possibly can.
The answers I provide help that student out, solve their problems, and make them happy in the process.

    But then I wondered, “How can I help even MORE people?”

And a Powerful Thought Quickly Formed…

“What if I could not only help the student who asked this great question, but also benefit OTHER people who would like to know the answer & my reply to that question?”

    So I came up with this page – so that our members can ask a question & I can share it here, for everyone’s benefit! So, go ahead… Ask Away!
Please note: This feature is NOT for the questions you’d usually ask me by email. THIS is only for the benefit of others to see your question & my reply. If you have a regular question, just send it by email. Thank you.

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Once you’ve submitted a question, I’ll do one of the following:

1. I’ll post the question & my answer here (quick & simple)
2. I’ll write a whole new article & post it up for everyone (takes a bit longer, but is much more thorough)
3. I’ll shoot a video to answer it (might be quicker)